About us




Well guys the Gang is here. I just know you are all going to love them as much as we do in this house.

Why do we love them and how did we come to become the NZ stockist? I’ll give you some backstory.....

We were lucky enough to call Melbourne home for 3 beautiful years, then the call to move home happened just before my son was due to start school.

I’d spent a very long time researching all the lunchbox types available in readiness for him to start school in Australia. I knew them all and none fit the bill for Mr nearly 5 who loved a good grazing platter over sandwich and fruit, but he also loved food so the smaller bento types wouldn’t cut the mustard 

Then I found Munchbox, my prayers were answered! A bento box that was airtight, his little fingers only had one latch that needed opened (and that could be replaced if it broke) could hold a massive 5 cups of food and best of all I could have many different trays to suit what I was packing. Yay I could relax.

We packed our worldly possessions into a 40ft container, boarded a plane and headed back to the motherland to call Tauranga home. What I forgot to do was buy my sons Munchbox. Never fear there will be a stockist in NZ I thought, well how wrong I was! No stockists at all in NZ. So I contacted them in Australia, purchased a set, sent it to my sister who gave it to my brother in law to bring back to NZ for us. We finally had it!

My son started school and it was the best thing ever. I packed his lunch each afternoon when he got home from school and the food stayed fresh and perfect the next day. Nighttime’s made so much easier and no before school have I got food for the day worry. He’s just finished his 2nd full year of school and his Munchbox is still going strong and looking as good as it did when he first got it.

So I approached the ladies at Munchbox and said I have to stock these in NZ, kiwi parents need these in their life, it’s taken me 2 years, a house build and a chronic illness diagnosis in between but I’ve done it, the first order is on the way and will be here very very soon. I’m so excited for you all to get your hands on them.

So here’s to starting our own NZ Munchbox family. Over the coming months I will be adding other products that I know and love to add to all the things that you want to say Pretty Please...... for.


Happy shopping, Shannon x