Care instructions

Here are some important things to remember regarding your Munchbox

  • Munchbox is not insulated and therefore hot foods should be packed at room temperature. Packing hot foods in the Munchbox can cause condensation build up which can then cause leaking. Munchbox is NOT designed to hold liquids
  • High temperatures can also cause the adhesive to separate inside the silicone seal, resulting in an air bubble. This will not affect the quality of the food or the integrity of the silicone seal and will usually return to normal on its own.
  • It is the nature of silicone that some foods may stain the colour (ie red pasta sauce). This is not a product fault nor does it affect the integrity or quality of the product.
  • The contents of the Munchbox must be emptied and washed after each use to prevent mould from forming on the silicone seal. It is best to wash your Munchbox in warm soapy water by hand and should be fully dried before use or storage. For damp and humid environments store the Munchbox with lid ajar and not closed
  • We highly recommend you hand wash the outer box or remove before the drying cycle of your dishwasher begins to prolong the integrity of the Munchbox seal
  • With regular use the Munchbox will show signs of normal wear and tear such as fine lines and scratches on the outer box and inner tray
  • Continuous exposure to high temperatures can impact on the trays designs and while it is dishwasher safe, it can deteriorate over time. To minimize the likelihood of designs of the trays from being scratched off do not use an abrasive cleaner and when possible remove tray before the drying cycle of your dishwasher begins
  • We strongly advise you do not submerge your Munchbox completely in water as this can potentially compromise the silicone seal. Simply handwash in water
  • Please ensure that the Munchbox and trays are washed before every use to ensure the correct sealing of the silicone seal system. It is possible for the suction seal to strengthen when place in the refrigerator for extended periods of time i.e. overnight. Simply open the Munchbox prior to packing the cooler bag to prevent the tray from adhering to the seal
  • Please ensure particularly aromatic foods packed in the Munchbox are kept at a controlled temperature as overheating these foods in the Munchbox can potentially cause some of the silicone to retain the smell – should this occur simply wash your Munchbox and tray as normal and lay in the sun to airdry thoroughly
  • Please ensure the tray is properly placed before attempting to close the Munchbox as incorrect placement may put undue pressure on the back hinge resulting in deterioration or breakage
  • The latch has been designed for use by children, it is NOT indestructible. It does not bend all the way back as this will break the hinge and snap the plastic. Sometimes, children push the hinge too far back and eventually this can cause damage if it occurs regularly. The Munchbox latch is not designed to be used as a lever to open the Munchbox and doing so may weaken the structure of the latch
  • Special Care: 

    The SPARKLE series will be the glittering jewel of your collection! As such we want to advise some special care instructions to help keep your SPARKLE Munchbox as perfect as the day you receive it. 

    To ensure your product stays looking super sparkly, we advise handwashing the outer box and avoiding direct sunlight for longer periods of time to prevent any potential fading. All our products are dishwasher safe (top shelf but remove before drying cycle) so don’t worry if you pop it in with the normal load. Just please be advised that dishwasher use may potentially cause fade to your outer box. 

    Please ensure that the all your Munchbox products are thoroughly washed and dried to ensure the integrity of the Munchbox silicone seal system. Allowing your Munchbox to dry completely and storing ajar will ensure your Munchbox will last you for many years to come.